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Nationwide Leader in HR Recruiting and Placement Services

When Susan Miller founded HR Personnel Services in 1995, the agency focused on matching highly qualified human resources candidates with the goals and needs of corporations and organizations in the Minneapolis St. Paul, MN area. By focusing solely on human resources recruiting and placement, the company was one of the very first boutique personnel services firms to have such a unique specialty. The business grew quickly, growing over 400% in just two years. With that growth, the reputation of this new staffing resource spread throughout the U.S. human resources community, and HR Personnel Services found itself responding to clients from a widening area.

Today, our human resources recruiting and placement scope has grown to encompass the entire United States and to include all major markets. Our leadership in creating strong relationships with corporations and other organizations of all types and our highly successful matching of talented candidates at all levels with the goals, vision, and culture of those organizations and companies has made us a nationwide innovator in HR staffing. From the executive suite to the full range of positions, we are able to locate and recruit candidates who are the perfect match.

With successful partnerships in all U.S. economic markets, we continue to treat each available position individually, using our extensive networking capabilities and talented, experienced national recruiting staff to find ideal candidates for each job order.

Serving the HR Recruiting and Placement Needs of American Business

  • HR Recruiting in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

    From the very beginning, our human resources personnel services company has focused closely on the HR needs of this major market in the upper Midwest. Our Minnesota headquarters enables us to supply companies and organizations with highly experienced, resourceful staff members at all levels. From temporary staffing needs to visionary leaders in HR management, a wide range of corporations and non-profit organizations rely on our agency for all of their human resources staffing needs.

  • New York Human Resources Recruiting Services

    The Greater New York City area is the focus of U.S. and global business and is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other region. With that massive concentration of business interests, it offers more opportunities for human resources professionals than any other city or region. At our recruiting and placement firm, we work closely with national and international corporations to locate and recruit dynamic candidates to meet their staffing requirements in New York City and throughout the Northeastern U.S.

  • Los Angeles HR Recruiting Placement

    The Greater Los Angeles area, encompassing all of Southern California, is the business hub of the Western U.S. and a gateway to the entire Pacific Region. From transportation and aerospace to entertainment and finance, every business sector is represented. The human resources needs of this region of almost 15 million people are diverse and extensive. Our resourceful and talented recruiters partner with many corporations and organizations in this vibrant and ever-changing business center to find the human resources leaders and candidates that match the needs of a wide range of California corporate enterprises.

  • Chicago Human Resources Staffing Agency

    Chicago and its surrounding metro area is America’s “Second City,” and is the business hub for Illinois and the entire Midwest. From transportation and financial services to international trade and manufacturing, the vibrant business community of this region offers many opportunities and challenges for human resources professionals. Our recruiting firm partners with a wide range of corporations in Chicago and Illinois to recruit visionary, innovative human resources executives and other experienced professionals.

  • HR Recruiting Services in San Francisco

    The San Francisco Bay area of California, along with nearby San Jose and other cities in the Silicon Valley is a bustling center for banking, information technology, global trade, and education. The diverse nature of the enterprises in this cosmopolitan business center creates equally diverse requirements for human resource management. At our recruiting and placement firm, we partner with organizations and corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to recruit resourceful, superbly qualified human resources professionals and innovative executives to match those requirements.

  • HR Recruiting Placement Services Houston, Texas

    With extensive business activities in a broad range of industries, from energy and international shipping to healthcare and aerospace, Houston is second only to New York City as a home for Fortune 500 companies. We are proud of our partnerships with corporations in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio and throughout the Southwestern region of the U.S. By successfully recruiting candidates in all HR specialties and levels who are ideally matched to the unique requirements of each company, we help companies grow and thrive through successful personnel management.

  • Atlanta and Georgia Human Resources Recruiting

    As the primary business center for the entire Southeastern U.S., Atlanta’s thriving business community relies on our recruiting and placement services to find the solid, creative leaders and staff needed to manage a full range of personnel resources. Strong in professional and business services, media, and information technology, companies and organizations in Atlanta, and throughout Georgia call on our firm for recruiting and placement of HR professionals at all levels.

Full-Service HR Recruiting, Placement and Staffing Across the Nation

Our team of experienced recruiters focuses solely on human resources staffing. From executive leadership positions in corporate HR departments to specialists in all areas of human resource management, we locate, screen and recruit candidates to fill open positions for our corporate partners. We take the time to learn their corporate or organizational goals, plans, and culture and focus on finding highly qualified, solid candidates who match your precise requirements. The result is effective, innovative management for any company or organization. Wherever you are located in the United States, contact us to discuss your staffing needs and expect great results.