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Creating Job Descriptions for HR Recruiting, Staffing and Executive Search

To find the most qualified HR specialists or executives for the job, make sure that you have a current, accurate job description. Notwithstanding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the job description helps to focus the hiring process and decision and provides a standard for later performance evaluations. The job description should clearly explain why the position is open as well as the job-related qualifications. With clearly stated qualifications and expectations, the recruiting, screening and interviewing process can progress more smoothly.

While your human resources job description will help eliminate non-qualified candidates from applying, it’s important not to include qualifications that are not relevant to the essential functions of the position. Be certain not to add statements that do not relate to the position or that relate to a protected class, including statements such as “single” or age-related statements such as “mature.” Even statements such as “energetic” and “fresh” could be interpreted as a violation of age discrimination laws.

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Thank you for posting a job order with our HR search firm. One of our professional recruiters will contact you immediately, and we will begin the recruiting process for your position. During the recruiting process, please contact us if there are any changes in the specifics of this position or if you have any questions. We will keep you informed of our progress in recruiting fully qualified candidates.