HR Recruiting Staffing

Human Resource Recruiting and Placement for Companies Nationwide

HR Departments at corporations and organizations are responsible for managing employees that are one of every organization’s most valuable assets. When corporations need to hire HR specialists and executives, dealing with recruiting and hiring highly qualified candidates, along with advertising open positions can present a big challenge. Our HR recruitment agency provides cost-effective, time-saving placement solutions for job openings throughout the United States. Our efficient, experienced recruiters can take over the job and assist in finding fully qualified candidates for any position, saving valuable time and letting your HR personnel focus on its continuing responsibilities.

HR Personnel Services is the first and only call I will make when I begin a job search. – Melissa O., US Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Executive Recruiting for Human Resources Positions at All Levels

Our recruiting placement team has built a reputation for being a dynamic force in the national HR professional community. Our extensive network of candidates, our carefully targeted marketing system and our nationwide scope allows us to locate and recruit candidates with extensive experience and proven records of performance, ready to step into your organization and begin contributing immediately. Our finely-honed ability to learn your corporate needs, goals, and culture and created ideal candidate matches for positions ranging from solid, visionary executive leadership at the highest levels to entry-level positions. Since 1995 we have been expertly matching candidates for all HR positions, including:

  • Vice Presidents of Human Resources
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Generalists
  • Compensation and Payroll Specialists
  • Benefits Managers and Specialists
  • Diversity Specialists
  • Recruiting and Staffing Specialists
  • HRIS Specialists
  • Assistants and Coordinators

HR Recruitment Services to Meet Any Job Requirements

Whether you require long-term, permanent employees at any level or employees for shorter or indefinite periods, our recruitment agency offers the same high-quality, cost-effective recruiting and placement of candidates selected to be an ideal fit for your positions.

  • Direct-Hire HR Positions

    To recruit candidates for your openings at all levels, our recruiting team will spare no effort to find highly qualified, experienced and productive candidates who match your precise requirements. Through our extensive professional network, marketing strategies, and state-of-the-art technology, we will quickly locate, perform extensive screening and present ideal candidates to you for consideration, on a contingency or retained fee basis.

  • Contract-to-Hire HR Positions

    For any position where a contract-to-hire placement is the most desirable option, we will use the same innovative and proven strategies to match candidates with your organization’s goals, requirements and culture. At any level in your organizational chart, the contract-to-hire option offers maximum flexibility and opportunity to evaluate candidate through actual performance over time.

  • Contract HR Employees

    For variable-term and interim needs, employing specialists on a contract basis is a cost-effective, low-impact way to match staffing levels to the needs of the organization. Our extensive nationwide network of professionals is rich in experienced, superbly qualified candidates ready to fill your contract positions. Let us help you match and recruit the right candidates for your requirements.

  • HR Temp Staffing Service

    Our personnel service can supply any need for temporary staffing with fully qualified, experienced specialists in all areas of human resource management. Our motivated, hardworking temporary professionals are ready to step in, and ready to perform, meeting your temporary staffing needs cost-effectively and efficiently. We handle all employment details and responsibilities.

Recruiting and Placement Services for All Human Resources Positions

As a national leader in HR recruiting, we have been providing complete recruitment, placement and executive search solutions for corporations and organizations nationwide since 1995, from San Diego to Dallas, from Chicago to Phoenix and from Los Angeles to New York. At any level, from proven executive leadership candidates to entry-level talent, our comprehensive network of candidates and our focus on matching them with the precise requirements of each organization and position are at your command. Our dedicated, experienced recruiting team and supporting staff are ready to meet the full range of recruitment needs in an expedient manner, expertly and cost-effectively. Contact us today to discuss your current openings or planned staffing requirements. Let us show you why we are the leading HR staffing and recruiting company in the United States.