HR Recruiting Staffing

Full-Range Human Resources Executive Recruiting and Search Services

Our firm understands that human resources are the most valuable assets of every corporation and organization. Managing those assets effectively is a complex and specialized job, and that complexity has increased over the years through legislative and regulatory requirements. The Human Resources Departments and divisions of corporations and organizations of all sizes are tasked with a long list of responsibilities and challenges. Today, HR leadership requires top executives and managers at all levels who have the education, experience, creativity and long-range vision necessary to make the corporation’s workforce as productive, engaged, and efficient as possible. Without creative and talented executives at the helm, personnel issues can create deteriorating productivity, legal and regulatory problems, and other issues that can interfere with normal business operations.

Finding human resources executive candidates for open positions in organizations ranging from start-up companies, expanding organizations, or Fortune 500 scale corporations presents unique challenges for corporate management. For openings at the executive level, most organizations turn to executive recruiting firms to locate and present qualified candidates for consideration. Our firm is uniquely qualified to conduct human resources executive searches. With an exclusive focus on human resources staffing, we have successfully recruited and placed top talents in a full range of positions for corporations and organization of all sizes. We recruit candidates for leadership positions listed below, among others:

  • Senior VP of Human Resources
  • VP of Human Resources
  • VP of Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources Director
  • Senior HR Manager
  • Director of Compensation
  • Director of Employee Relations
  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Training
  • Director of Employee Benefits

Specialized Human Resources Recruiting Expertise Means Success

General search and placement firms are plentiful, but HR executive recruiting is a very specialized field. As one of the nation’s first executive recruiting agencies that specializes in human resources, our company brings unique advantages to the process of locating and recruiting talented, resourceful, and visionary leadership candidates for your open positions. Everyone at our firm is an experienced human resources professional, from our founder, Susan Miller, to our experienced, dedicated recruiters and our support staff. Some of the advantages this specialized focus provides include:

  • Nationwide Professional Networking

    We constantly cultivate and expand our network top-notch candidates. We track trends and regulatory changes in human resource management, and keep our finger on the pulse of this profession. Our leadership brings national leaders to us to discuss their career plans, as they are considering career changes.

  • Exclusive HR Executive Database

    We maintain an extensive, detailed database of human resources executives who are considering career moves. We use state-of-the-art search algorithms to match potential candidates with the unique criteria of open positions.

  • Marketing for Successful Recruiting

    The professional human resources community actively follows top-level job listings on our websites and in other professional venues. These listings and other targeted marketing of open positions are a rich source of candidates.

  • Specific Screening and Interviewing Strategies

    The extensive expertise and experience of our recruiters give us a unique advantage when screening and interviewing potential candidates. Our wide range of experience guides us in making successful matches between leaders and positions.

  • Retained HR Recruiting Services

    When an opening exists at the highest leadership levels, you need prioritized, timely recruiting performance. Our confidential retained search and placement services are designed to quickly locate and present ideal talented, accomplished and visionary leaders. We recruit candidates who precisely match your requirements and will be an ideal fit with your management culture and philosophy.

  • Combining Retained and Contingency Placement

    For many leadership positions a partially retained search by our firm is very effective. By using a hybrid strategy, we combine open job listings with confidential private search methods to locate ideally qualified candidates. The initial retainer fee for these searches is deducted from the contracted contingency fee, making these searches extremely cost-effective.

HR Executive Recruiting Services for All Industries Nationwide

Regardless of where your company is located, our national search and placement firm is on the job for you. Organizations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other Northeast states call on us for prompt, cost-effective service. In southern states like Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Florida, we are your best choice in HR recruiting. We have the entire Midwest, including Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin covered from our Minneapolis headquarters. We also recruit outstanding candidates for openings in Los Angeles, the San Francisco bay area and north to Seattle.

When human resources executive leadership positions are open for any reason, corporations and organizations turn to our agency to recruit the talented, forward thinking, dynamic executives who assure a successful placement. Our focused experience, objectivity and dedication to matching ideal candidates to your precise requirements have made us the national leader in executive recruiting. Contact us today with your recruitment requirements. We will put our efficient, experienced team to work and you’ll be assured of finding the solid, visionary leadership you need for success.