HR Recruiting Staffing

HR Executive Recruitment Process for Success

Since our founding in 1995, our firm has developed a specialized, innovative and detailed process for recruiting successful human resources leadership candidates. Taking advantage of our extensive experience of our recruiters, our unique, streamlined process allows us to provide efficient, cost-effective recruitment for the full range of human resources top-level leaders needed by our corporate and organizational clients. The entire process is focused on the need to match innovative, experienced, and highly motivated candidates with the unique requirements of each client we serve. By focusing only on human resources executive search and placement, our specialized service has made us a national leader in this highly specialized category.

The task of narrowing a large field of highly qualified candidates down to a select list of candidates who are an ideal fit for a particular open job opportunity is a complex one. At the executive level, each candidate presents a combination of extensive experience, qualifications, and leadership capabilities. Finding a short list of candidates with the exact combination of skills, knowledge, vision, and personal style that will create an exact match with the requirements, goals, and culture of a particular corporate management group is a combination of science and art. Our strategic recruiting, screening, and evaluation process has proven itself over time and is constantly being improved.

Key Elements in Our HR Executive Recruitment Process

  • Determining Client Goals and Criteria

    At the very beginning of our process, we work closely with clients to establish their requirements and expectations for a successful candidate. Through forming relationships with our corporate clients, we gain a thorough understanding, too, of the nuances of their extended requirements, including corporate culture, management style, and industry-specific requirements. As we build a detailed list of qualifications, goals and other criteria, we also discuss other issues and offer suggestions, based on our extensive executive recruiting experience.

  • Initial Recruiting of Potential Candidates

    Once we fully understand your criteria for the position, we begin by using our finely tuned, state-of-the-art database matching strategies to identify potential candidates already in our data network. We list your opening on our websites, which are actively accessed by human resources executives contemplating career moves. We also market your opening in targeted venues. Our nationwide network of HR professionals is another rich source of candidates, and we make discreet inquiries through that network. Confidentiality and discretion are our hallmarks.

  • Preliminary Screening

    Using your detailed criteria, we screen our initial list of possible candidates, using data-matching algorithms and individual examination of resumes and other information. In this preliminary screening, we are able to eliminate those who are unsuitable for the position. At the end of this process, we have a manageable list of screened candidates.

  • Initial Interviews

    Our team of experienced senior executive recruiters contacts the screened candidates for individual interviews. During these interviews, our recruiters use their extensive experience and interviewing skills to establish how well each candidate suits the position’s criteria.

  • Credential and Information Review

    In the final screening process, we painstakingly check and verify all information provided by each candidate. Before we present any candidate to our client, we make sure that all information is accurate and truly represents the candidate. Our vetting at this stage is thorough and objective.

  • Presentation of Qualified Candidates

    When we have a final short list of exceptional potential candidates, we will present them to you for consideration. Throughout the selection process, we keep you informed of our progress and clarify any issues that may arise. We will introduce the candidates to you and arrange for interviews. Our job is not complete until a successful candidate is found and you are completely satisfied with our process. We will assist you in every possible way to reach a successful match for your position.

Successful HR Executive Placement through Client Partnerships

The foundation of our success as a full-service human resources executive recruitment and search company lies in our emphasis on relationship building with our corporate clients. By establishing relationships over the long term, we assist corporate clients with all of their human resources leadership recruitment and search needs. Recruiting executives to match the exact requirements of our clients is an important aspect of our services. Each of our senior executive recruiters is personally selected for their unique abilities. We will spare no effort in presenting visionary, resourceful leaders who match your exact needs. For over 2 decades, we have helped companies across the United States, from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the northeast to Texas, Arizona and California in the southwest, and from Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin in the midwest to Georgia, Florida and Tennessee in the southeast. Please contact us to discuss our HR executive recruiting process. Let us show you how our success is based on exceeding client expectations.