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Human Resources Executive Search & Recruiting Services for Corporations

Since 1995, the HR Personnel Services executive search division has been recruiting and placing proven human resources leadership candidates in executive positions for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. Our exclusive specialization in human resources, along with our extensive national network of top executive candidates enables us to find and recruit accomplished, extraordinary HR executives with the integrity, forward-looking vision and career achievement history that mean success in leadership for Human Resources Departments in every region of the United States.

Our experienced executive recruiters, each with extensive human resources experience, work with our client companies to learn their goals, objectives, and culture, along with the details of the requirements of their open leadership positions. Then, they expertly locate, recruit and do extensive screening of the candidates who closely match every aspect of the client’s criteria. Our sharply honed search and recruiting process means that each candidate that we present for your consideration has a high probability of becoming the successful leader who will meet your goals and exceed your expectations in providing dynamic, innovative leadership for your crucial human resources operations.

Our HR Executive Recruiting Leadership Helps You Find Ideal Leaders

Human resources executives have unique requirements and qualifications. Our HR executive search firm offers an equally unique advantage over general executive recruiting and placement companies. We focus entirely on human resources, and our recruiters bring their extensive expertise, education and experience to each job.

We are very pleased with the search process offered by HR Personnel Services for our Director of Personnel Management position. The candidates presented were matched right down to the industry specific criteria. – Global Marketer and Distributor – San Francisco, California

For each position, we learn your exact requirements, expectations, goals and corporate culture. Then, using our extensive HR experience and our resource-rich network of executive candidates, we seek out leadership talents who will be a perfect fit in all those areas. Confidentiality, efficient results, and accurate matching are our hallmarks. We encourage you to explore this website for additional information, and welcome your inquiries about our HR executive search process and history of success. Our constant goal is HR executive recruiting success through excellence of service. Click the links below to learn more about our exclusive HR executive recruiting:

  • Full-Service HR Executive Recruiting

    At all levels of HR Department and HR Division executive management, professionalism, experience, and a proven, solid record of successful, resourceful leadership are essential requirements for any executive candidate. Our specialized executive search team understands these requirements and has a wide range of experience in identifying and verifying those qualities in potential candidates. As human resources specialists themselves, our recruiters understand the challenges presented by human resource management, and are experts at evaluating and matching candidates with the precise criteria of our corporate and organizational clients in all business sectors.

  • Industry-Focused HR Executive Job Placement

    Through experience with a broad-based range of client corporations, our HR executive recruiters understand the unique requirements of your business sector. From financial, educational, and healthcare to manufacturing, hospitality, insurance and a multitude of other industry sectors, we customize our executive search and recruiting process to match the unique needs of each client. Always working toward the goal of presenting fully qualified candidates with experience and successful performance relevant to your business requirements, our HR executive searches identify candidates who are ready to step into your HR leadership positions with immediate contributions.

  • Comprehensive HR Executive Recruitment

    When we are tasked with recruiting candidates for an HR executive leadership position, we utilize a multi-phase, proven search process to locate and identify candidates who are often not yet on the market. Our executive network allows us to reach out to a vast list of potential candidates. Highly effective, targeted marketing and discrete inquiries expose your open position specifically to additional qualified candidates. Our thorough executive screening process includes verification of all factual information. Through extensive interviews, as well, we carefully evaluate each potential candidate. The result is a solid list of candidates, each precisely matching your criteria and culture.

  • National HR Executive Search Firm

    At the executive management level of recruiting, an ideal candidate may be located anywhere in the United States or beyond. Willingness to relocate is a given for most HR leadership candidates, so our search and recruiting process is far ranging and inclusive. As a nationally recognized leader in HR-specific executive recruiting, HR Personnel Services can access our extensive nationwide HR networking system to locate ideal candidates, wherever they are located. Then, using state-of-the-art video conferencing and advanced screening technologies, we conduct and facilitate face-to-face interviews with candidates and clients to expedite the process and control costs.

HR Executive Recruiting Services with Proven, Cost-Effective Results

The contingency and retained HR executive search services at our firm are carefully designed for efficiency, accuracy, and performance. Since our founding in 1995, we have constantly worked to improve all aspects of our executive recruiting process and those refinements are a continual process. The result is a unique process that lets us identify the precise goals of our corporate clients and then efficiently locate, recruit, and screen candidates for any HR Department or HR Division who ideally match clients’ corporate goals, needs, responsibilities and culture. You are assured that each candidate we present to you can bring effective, dynamic, and visionary leadership to your position. Contact us today to discuss your HR executive leadership recruitment needs.